Wood goblin, Bruern woods, Oxfordhsire. An exquisite carpet of bluebells lasts for a few weeks only. Grumpy goblins may hassle you if you stand on the bluebells

Sailing the wind, Barbon Low Fell, Lancashire
Relaxing after a hard days work harvesting in the fields, Trei-Sate, Romania
Photographs of her extended family adorn her 1 room house, Roma community, Tirgu Mures, Romania
Home, Roma community, Trei-Sate, Romania
Detail of 500year old exterior fresco at Vorenets monastry, Bucovina, Romania. A colour called 'Vorenets blue' is named after these frescos. Other Bucovinan monasties have particular colurs eg. Suceava -yellow ochre
I love this shot. Everything is just a little off-kilter, yet within an austere, formal setting. The fire says modernity, relative to the 11th century exposed painting, though it too is not ‘with it’. The little bunch of snowdrops is the contemporary, an anonymous gift for all those who pass by, leading the eye to the brightness, symbolising hope, outside. In abstract terms it has balance. And perspective beyond the image, -an open doorway casting light from lower left to a narrow but intense unknown through the whited out window, central to the viewer.
Alakul glacier, Altyn-arashan, Kyrgyz Republic. The run off was huge, this may be gone in 50 years. The seracs made beautiful black & white images.
Music leaves the saxaphone like liquid light, Sydney, Australia
After the exams