I also wanted to put a few thoughts down about what these photographs mean to me. I shoot images where I come across them on the whole, hence the wide variety of genres.

For me photography is a treasure hunt; whatever the conditions or setting, I know there is a good photograph out there, I just have to find it. Having this pre-existence of the 'good photograph' helps me look for the unexpected and it is a wonderful way to live in the present.

I like photographs that have beauty and art, but that also have hidden elements of composition. I'm thinking here of the black and white photo of Widford church. You can see the lines of the clouds that lead to the church, and then if you look closely you notice the faint path that also leads church-wards, and then looking even more closely one sees dark clouds away to the right, but a bright white light and halo of cloud above the church.

I may try to give the viewer an experience that takes them beyond the confines of the framw, almost as if they were to look further up into the sky or canopy, or deeper into the levels of exposed paintwork, or to feel the passage of time whilst looking at a still image, like the 'fox' passing by Shipton Grange.


2010 - Finalist, Britsih Wildlife Photography Awards, animal portrait category.My photo of a young hedgehog's feet will be in the touring exhibition and published book

2010 - Winner - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Photography prize

2007 - Photographed and compiled a photographic database of Equity in Health in Malawi for the REACH trust.

1995 - Winner - STA travel photography award

Published in numerous media -UN; aid agency; new magezines; calenders -whilst stocking with PANOS Pictures

Contact: bngimages at googlemail.com