In a way Simone de Beauvoir was indicating her wish that all humans would be conciously responsible for the choices they make in life. First that they may have no 'bad faith' in that they felt, and were, free enough to not lie to themselves, or be influenced by society. And then that this led to a transparency of thought and action that resulted in truth and thus responsibility for choices taken. It is a valiant wish, based on her existentialist leanings, and one that can lead to angst and despair, or one that can liberate.

I think over again my small adventures, my fears, these small ones that seemed so big.

And yet there is only one great thing... the only thing...

To live to see the great day that dawns, and the light that fills the world.

Old Inuit Song
For all the vital things I had to get and to reach ...
Playing cards in the Tien-shan mountains, Kyrgyz Republic
Roma community, Tirgu-Mures, (Marosvasahely), Romania
Simone de Beauvoir
... might be pure transparent freedom
I wish that every human life ...
Early morning fisherman going to check the sea waters, Majunga, Madagascar
Deep winter road through the Tien-Shan mountains, Kyrgyz Republic
Morning light breaks over the mountain peaks, Son-kul, Kyrgyz Republic
Transporting vegetables between oasis, Western Deserts, Egypt